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Up to 10 Year Boiler Warranty with Low Monthly Finance Packages

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Are you putting up with difficulties with your old boiler?

Then schedule your FREE property survey right now using our quick and simple boiler quotes form or phone us on [xfield_phone_number].
Landlords And Homeowners throughout the Congleton area are able to choose from a range of A+ rated, energy-efficient brand new boilers from top companies such as Worcester-Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vaillant and even many more. Start reducing your energy bills now with an energy efficient brand-new boiler. At Cosy Boiler Services, you could get an A+ rated boiler that comes with a 10-yrs labour and manufacturers guarantee. Located in Congleton, our expert Gas Safe registered technicians perform boiler installation and boiler replacement for home-owners in Congleton, and throughout the Cheshire area. Our company believes in the good quality of Zanussi boilers and as accredited Zanussi boiler installers we are able to offer affordable prices for their leading edge products. Your brand-new boiler fitting will take place at a time most suited to you. We are also able to offer excellent boiler finance arrangements, such as Buy Now, Pay Later.

How Our Approach Operates

Are you uncertain about the type of boiler to choose? Or are you Apprehensive about the cost of buying a new boiler installed? At Cosy Boiler Services, we`re here to help you. Our simple boiler installation and boiler replacement services include all of the assistance that you require, by fully qualified technicians with many years of industry experience. We will ask you a some questions about your home & lifestyle, complete a free home survey and advise you of the most suitable boiler to fit your needs and budget.

It is a simple 3 step process

Step 1. Just fill in our boiler quotes on line form Step 2. Our staff will come and provide a free of charge home survey Step 3. Our Gas Safe registered boiler installer will fit your brand-new boiler Our company don`t believe in the salesperson way and are proud to provide outstanding prices, helpful advice and A+ rated boilers without any hassle. Customers in Congleton, and throughout the Cheshire area are able to choose a new boiler replacement with us over the telephone and our flexible boiler finance plans make payments convenient for everybody.

Accredited Zanussi Gas Boiler Fitters

All Makes Of Boiler Serviced And Installed Congleton Commercial And DomesticZanussi boilers belong to the best and most advanced boiler heating systems on the marketplace today, delivering comfortable coziness in your house and plenty of hot water at a reduced energy charge. The Zanussi brand name is known for producing A+ rated, very highly energy efficient boilers inside of a sleek and small design. Ideal for the modern-day home.

Purchase A Zanussi Gas Boiler From Only ₤17 A Month.

Here at [company], we specialise in Zanussi boilers and are joined in partnership with them with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This guarantees that Congleton homeowners not only get the very best possible deal when purchasing a new Zanussi boiler, but as well get an incomparable boiler fitting service by our Zanussi accredited engineers. Our Zanussi boiler finance packages serve to help to alleviate the stress of getting a new boiler, especially when your existing gas boiler stops working unexpectedly. Regular monthly repayments are available starting from as low as ₤17/month on a 10 year finance package and a new A+ rated Zanussi boiler can save you about ₤340* on your annual gas bills.

Brand-new Gas Boiler Finance Package Deals.

Whether you are considering replacing your outdated boiler or you are faced with an unforeseen boiler break down, our boiler finance options make purchasing a new boiler hassle-free.

OPTION 1 – Buy Now, Pay Later Plan.

Congleton home-owners can make a defered repayment with our Buy Now, Pay Later plan. Upon making a small deposit, a new boiler can be installed in your house, (frequently within 24 hours!), and the outstanding balance paid at a later date.

OPTION 2 – 3 Year Finance Plan.>/h3>

Our 3-year boiler finance package enables you make the monthly payments for your brand-new boiler over 3 yrs with remarkably low interest rates.

OPTION 3 – Five Year Finance Plan.

Selecting our 5-year finance package will enable you to spread out the monthly payments of your brand-new boiler over five yrs, giving you even more achievable monthly repayments.

OPTION 4 – 10 Year Finance Plan.

If you are requiring a more long-term boiler finance package then our 10-year finance package enables you to pay for your brand-new boiler with considerably low monthly repayments. Complete our boiler quotes form right now and we will find a manageable finance package to satisfy you. * Estimated yearly figure based upon a new Zanussi condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs). Financial benefits can vary depending upon the sizing and thermal efficiency of your household.[/st_text][st_spacer ][/st_spacer][st_custom el_title=”CTA Banner And Button” element_id=”1535487786-87360″ ][/st_custom][st_custom el_title=”HTML Button Default” element_id=”1531434711-64317″ ][/st_custom][st_spacer ][/st_spacer][st_row_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.png” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.png” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.jpg” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.png” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.png” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][st_column_2 span=”span2″][st_image image_file=”×100.png” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” ][/st_image][/st_column_2][/st_row_2][st_spacer ][/st_spacer][st_text ]

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